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Runtime: 25 Minutes. Horse-hung College Swimmer Raine is BACK, this time showing off his Massive 10" Donkey Dong as he cleans the Koi Pond and skinny dips in the swimming pool before jerking off outside in the Tropical garden in this Exclusive video from Island Studs! The Island Studs' exclusive SPORTS ACTION CAM films underwater as Big Dick Swimmer Raine swims naked in the clear pool water for the very first time! Horny Raine begins stroking his Massive 10" Cock before he even removes his homemade pants. Listen to him explain that he enjoys making his own clothes while he strokes his cock, wearing the pants he tailored himself! It is so exciting to see a scruffy stud stroking his monster meat WITH his clothes still on! BIG DICK lovers will NOT want to miss this film! Listen to Raine explain that his buddies continue to encourage him to WHIP OUT his cock in public to show women the AMAZING size of his thick 10" man meat! Lucky girls! Still wearing his pants with his shirt off and his big cock hanging out, Raine turns to the camera to PEE! Piss Lovers: Watch Raine take a BIG piss in the garden! He smiles at the camera as his bright, yellow pee flows out of his thick, swollen cock! What a happy, pissing, athletic man! I put Ripped Raine to work cleaning the Koi Pond wearing only swamp boots! His big cock and balls slap against his furry thighs as he bends over and works in the sun! Feast your eyes on Raine's super ripped Athletic swimmers body from every angle as this nudist boy does his garden chores fully naked! Serious about doing a good job to impress the boss, Raine gets covered in mud as he works! Muddy pond water covers his ripped abs and drips down his long dong and balls as he works. To clean up after his nudist labor, Raine takes a sexy shower outside in the garden! Boys showering outdoors are so HOT! Don't miss Island Studs' exclusive SPORTS ACTION CAM as our special underwater camera records Raine 10" Cock from UNDERWATER. The camera glides between Raine's powerful swimmer thighs underwater, as this sexy athlete spreads his legs WIDE exposing his hairy ass cheeks and his heavy nuts and big dick! This underwater scene of sexy Raine swimming and walking around UNDERWATER with his Monster Dick bobbing is NOT TO BE MISSED! Raine is even more sexy underwater now than in his first shoot for Island Studs! Finally, 10" College Jock Raine sits down in the tropical garden and begins a NOT TO BE MISSED, lengthy, Jerk off session! Watch as he sensually fondles his hard cock and touches his belly and pecs as he jerks. The camera glides all around Raine's hot, white, ass cheeks and furry butt crack as he jerks off! Our camera stays between Raine's hairy athletic thighs as he grabs his nut sack and jerks his monster 10" dick. This exhibitionist really enjoys being watched as he pleasures himself. See him flex his biceps and pose with his hard dick throbbing in his hand! What a FAT 10" COCK! Raine moans loudly as a thick gobs of cum shoot out of his cock, all over his ripped ab muscles! I ask him to stand and pose for some more photos with his cum covered torso and fresh jizz dripping from his belly. Raine's sexy shower scene is a MUST SEE! His thick, 10" Donkey Dong bounces around his legs as he soaps up his tight, Athletic, boy body. Watch as he soaps up his swollen cock and furry ass crack to remove all the jizz. Seeing Raine's furry legs and ass covered in soapy, warm water is a treat! We are so pleased Horse Hung Horny Raine is BACK for his second shoot with Island Studs. He is a joy to watch as he manhandles his Massive 10" Meat and shoots LOADS from his amazing MONSTER Dick once again on Island Studs! Enjoy this rare College Swimmer naked underwater and jerking off that perfect 10" cock on dry land!

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