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Runtime: 26 Minutes. Hung Hawaiian Maka is BACK, the popular 18 year old senior at Hawaiian High School returns, showing off his thick uncut 8" rock hard Hawaiian cock as he juggles Island Passion Fruit (lilikoi) fully nude and then licks and sucks the fruit dry, walks around the pool and garden fully erect, flexes and poses his awesome boy body, enters the clear pool to jerk his monster uncut meat underwater, before spreading his furry ass cheeks WIDE OPEN exposing his pink man hole for the first time on camera in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs! Feast your eyes on every inch of Maka's totally smooth young body and thick hard uncut cock from UNDERWATER as he pulls on his foreskin and strokes his 8" dick while skinny dipping in the swimming pool with a FULL Erection all caught on video with Island Studs' unique UNDERWATER SPORTS ACTION CAM! This Tall 6', 165 lbs, 18 year old loves to show off his body for the camera again in this his second film for Island Studs. If you liked Maka in his previous video, this new episode will excite you. Listen to him speak about life in High School on the Islands and all the girls he has had sex with! He ever stars in his own personal private videos! Hung Maka excels in ALL sports in high school and is a complete water man: cliff diving, swimming, and surfing! Confident and well educated, Maka does not mind posing naked or getting his beautiful Hawaiian cock hard in front of his friends! The stories you hear are all true and so sexy! Here is another hot Island Studs exclusive model! Watch as he juggles large Hawaiian Lilikoi completely naked with his thick uncut Hawaiian cock dangling and slapping against his brown thighs... all caught on video! Eager to consume the passionfruit, happy Maka bites into the fresh fruit causing the yellow juice and seeds to spray all over his face, chest, cock and balls. Listen to him laugh as he bites into another! "I think I got more fruit on my chest than I did in my mouth," he says as he looks down at his cock which is covered with juice and seeds as well! This is so HOT! After taking a sexy outdoor shower to clean up, cute Maka climbs onto a raft in the pool and begins to jerk his beautiful uncut cock in the sun! Watch as this sexy Hawaiian twink flips over on the board, grabs his hairy ass cheeks and spreads them WIDE OPEN revealing his perfectly pink virgin boy butt hole! Wow! What a delicious site! His huge nuts hang below his ass as he opens his hole even wider for the camera! With a big smile on his cute face, Maka rolls over into the warm swimming pool water and performs underwater stunts, fully nude! The Island Studs Exclusive SPORTS ACTION CAM goes into the pool and underwater with this sexy Hawaiian surfer boy! The Sports Action Cam glides between Maka's thighs and 8" cock, as this sexy athlete swims underwater. With his cock dangling in the water, Maka opens is legs WIDE exposing his hairy ass hole and his heavy nuts and cock Again! The underwater footage of this new young Hawaiian lad swimming and walking around UNDERWATER with his fantastic foreskin bobbing is NOT TO BE MISSED! Hung Maka is even more sexy underwater than on dry land! Don't miss this unique afternoon with Horny Hawaiian Twink, Maka and his awesome body! Join Now!

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