Island Studs

Runtime: 18 Minutes. Surfer Andy, the stocky Hawaiian pizza delivery boy and Eddie, his cute Italian surf twink high school buddy, are BACK, stripping naked on a public beach, check out each others cocks as they catch waves together in the Hawaiian Summer Sun in this HOT Action Packed Boy Duo Exclusively here on Island Studs. Eddie, Andy's surf buddy, is a shy and VERY CUTE 24 year old who recently moved to Hawaii from California. Andy, the beefy surf Stud with the furry MAN BUTT and hairy cock and balls is NOT shy about being photographed naked with other guys. Even his sexy Hawaiian girlfriend loves when he gets naked with other Island Studs on camera! Watch Andy smile with excitement when he strips off his board shorts on the beach in front of his buddy. His white athletic thighs and WIDE boy butt are exposed for all to see on a popular Hawaiian surfer's beach! Smooth twink Eddie came along with Andy today just to 'hang out' until his buddy finished working. Once I saw this cute, quiet smiling boy walking down the beach with his surf board next to Andy, I knew I HAD to ask him to model too! Sweet Eddie was truly surprised when I asked him to JOIN Andy naked out in public. "I don't mind getting naked," he said with a sweet college boy smile, "I just came to watch him work, but if you pay me I'll surf naked too!" We LOVE broke straight boys who are willing to get naked for money! When I ask these two sexy surfer boys to strip naked for us, both immediately drop their swim trunks onto the white sand and grab their boards. This is Island Studs FIRST TIME EVER filming 2 REAL SURFERS out surfing FULLY NUDE TOGETHER! "You're better than me anyway!" Eddie says with his bright friendly smile, acknowledging Andy's experience with big Hawaiian waves! Watching Eddie strip and exposing his smooth white boy butt in public is a real thrill. Young Eddie has NEVER been nude on a beach and it shows. These two straight friends have never seen each other naked before... until today! See all the unrehearsed, spontaneous moments of these young men FULLY NAKED on the public beach surfing BALLS OUT for all to see. See a boat full of tourists cruise by watching our two naked surfers as they play in the water together. Check out Andy's hairy butt cheeks and furry ass crack as he repeatedly paddles out into the white water! Andy's big dick dangles and his hairy balls flop around as he STANDS UP on his board and rides a wave into shore! These two hot surfers are caught on camera from every angle as they play and splash in the warm clear Hawaiian water. Voyeurs will delight in watching these two young fit surf Studs having some nudist fun together. Lots of bouncing balls and cocks here! Like our other surfers Anderson & Layne, Eddie has a wide muscular back and a smooth white bubble butt from hours of surfing. Like Maleko & Dane, Andy has a super hairy man butt. Check out his furry wet ass when he exits the water after the boys finish their sexy outdoor surf competition! If you have a fetish for wet hairy guys, Andy's bushy butt will not disappoint! Hairy legs and hairy ass from every intimate angle! This special film of pizza boy Andy and our new twink surfer Eddie catching waves on a pristine tropical Island beach is not to be missed! We hope that these two athletic Island Studs will be back to get naked together for more sweaty outdoor action! They are a perfect match and great fun to watch together! Enjoy! Join Now!

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