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Runtime: 26 Minutes. Erin is a furry, California Surfer with a HUGE cock and a creamy, white, bubble butt ,who tells dirty, sexy stories while he jerks off AND shoots a Big Load of jizz, all over his ripped, 6-pack abs in this Exclusive Video from Island Studs. You can see sexy Erin at a popular Resort restaurant, where is a food runner at a pool side restaurant in Waikiki!  But ALL of Erin's hot JO Action can only be seen here! This sexy water man has a really BIG DICK, that hangs low and flops around as he stands by the bamboo garden, jerking and posing for us all to see. Erin is not shy about being watched by men as he masturbates. Watch as he turns around to show off his perfectly smooth, white, Surfer butt! The camera glides between his hairy, surfer thighs as we get a great views of Erin's monster cock and big, ball sack, then dangles between his hairless, bubble butt while he strokes! Watch as he reaches around and opens his ass cheeks, exposing his pink Man Hole! He holds it WIDE OPEN for us all to see his sweet, pink hole! He knows how to put on a good show and gives us to what we want! Erin is one HOT OPEN Surf Stud! Fans of Hairy men will LOVE his hairy chest, legs and armpits. Erin is a REAL California / Hawaiian Surfer Man: 32 years old, a tall 6'2" and weighs 165 lbs of Ripped, lean, surfer muscle! Check out Erin's beach hat and Hard 8" Cock, which is hard and throbbing for most of this NOT TO BE MISSED video. Horny Erin's dick is always throbbing! I put Erin to work with the pool rack, removing leafs from the swimming pool. The camera captures Erin from every angle, as his bends over the pool's edge and water doing his nudist, pool boy work, unaware that we are watching him. Erin's monster cock slaps against his white thighs, as he works in the Hot Hawaiian sun! After his nudist house work, all recorded, Erin sits down in a chair outside by the bamboo garden and begins to jerk his Big, Beautiful, Surfer Cock! If you like real sex stories from a real live Surfer - Erin will delight you! Listen as he tells us story after story of his sex with women out in public: on beaches, in parking lots, beside the Freeway! The best tale is a bit scary and dangerous: He got reverse road head from a woman while SHE was driving her car!  Wow Erin you rock! Erin slowing strokes is monster cock, fully hard as he talks about his wild sex life! There are many very intimate stories from Erin in this extended JO scene. Erin looks directly into the camera while he jerks and talks. This ripped, tight body, surfer really takes his time in this video - playfully jerking his thick meat and stroking his big balls while he talks! Watch as the camera captures extreme closeups of this straight hunk, pleasing himself and his big dick. Watch him manhandle his balls like a pro! Erin is a moaner. He moans and closes his eyes throughout this long, jerk off session! His whole body tightens as he gets closer to exploding, finally spraying a thick load of cum, ALL over his furry chest and smooth ripped abs! He continues to moan after he busts, with his dick throbbing in his hand. Watch as cum drips past his balls on his asshole below his thighs! "I just got cum on my ass hole”, Erin says with a smile. Watch as he grabs the cum sliding down his ass cheeks on to his exposed Manhole AND flicks a hand full of jizz into the bamboo garden! I ask Erin to stand up to photograph all the dripping juicy goo, before he enters the shower room! This sexy surfer treats us to a great, Shower Show! Watch Erin soap up his beautiful, furry body, while his big, swollen cock dangles between his legs! He even turns to the camera and takes a long, Horse Piss in the shower! Erin's bathroom shower Pee is all filmed in extreme close up! Look at this tall surfer as he shampoos his dick hair, TWICE! He reapplies the shampoo to his furry, bushy crotch to remove all the cum stuck in it!  Ass Lovers, watch has he soaps up his smooth, white, bubble butt but and sticks a fingers in his crack for us all to enjoy! Erin is our favorite, new, Surfer Man on Island Studs. We hope he will return to tell us more dirty, personal, sex stories, while he jerks his massive 8" boner! Enjoy!

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